Chakra Circle Pendant

$ 39.90

  • Genuine 3mm high quality therapeutic gemstones for the 7 main chakras.
  • All  components are Solid Sterling Silver .925
  • Chain is not included. It can be purchased under the category chains and accessories, here.

This lovely hand hammered circle pendant helps the flow of the chakra energy gemstones in the center. Highly polished and carefully made, this is a simple minimalistic design that will assist in healing and be a pleasure to wear.

Wearing Chakra jewelry is a very effective way to balance your energy field, assist in maintaining good health and help eliminate blockages and negativity that may move into the physical body and cause illness. We all have energy centers in the body called chakras where energy (chi or prana) flows within a spiral motion. These chakras contain frequencies that can be translated into color, sound, scents and shapes. When we experience stress or are in contact with negative situations or people, our chakra energies may be affected and stop flowing properly. The energy may get depleted by our own negative emotions, thoughts or by contact with people experiencing emotional trouble. Even places and objects may have negative energy entities attached to them and by visiting or touching these objects we may be affected. That is why it is important to stay protected and balanced. Gemstones in the chakra colors assist in the alignment, clearing and balancing of the chakra system. They vibrate similar frequencies as those of the chakras and work as a catalyst and stimulant to bring our energy back into balance.

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