Atlantis Ring Sterling Silver – Slim Version

$ 99.00

  • Solid Sterling Silver .925
  • Perfect Sacred Geometry proportions, designed to be accurate to the mm
  • Slim version is only 5.5 mm wide

The Atlantis ring, originally made of assouan clay, was discovered around 1860 in a tumb in Egypt by a French egyptologyst named Marquis d’Agrain. His grandaughter, married to the radiesthesist André de Belizal, inherited the ring. The ring was considered to be several thousands of years old and was adorned with geometric symbols which were placed and balanced according to a very special arrangement.

Andre de Belizal was a well-known expert in radiesthesia, the science concerned with the energy of shapes and other subtle energy qualities. De Belizal investigated and found that this ring’s geometric shapes created a subtle energy field of powerful vibrations. He found that its electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of energy patterns, resulting in a protective shield for whoever wore it. It also increased the ability to tap into one’s own intuitive powers and the subconscious mind. He studied and tested the patterns on the ring carefully for years to find the amazing properties that have made this ring so famous.

The Atlantis Ring design is based on the principles of Sacred Geometry and contain  multiple occurrences of the golden mean, or Divine proportion. The golden mean ratio, featured in the golden mean spiral is an infinite, forever spiral.  It has no beginning and no end.

This design, when properly crafted, will produce the strong  frequency of love and healing. When you are in this vibration, your energy will merge with the ring’s, creating a strong powerful subtle energy field that will manifest in three main areas:

Protection: as described in R. de Lafforest’s book “Ces maisons qui tuent”, inexplicable immunity is provided by the frequencies emitted by certain privileged forms against all invisible aggression coming from its exterior. There are “waves of shape” ( produced by the ring’s design ) capable of creating a strong protective barrier, of stopping or neutralizing all forces capable of disturbing the vibratory harmony of a dwelling, of compromising the equilibrium ( health, fate and wellness ) of an individual. The Atlantis ring accomplished this type of miracle. Mr. de Bélizal, by repeated experiences since he became his owner, acquired the proof for this magnificent property.

Healing: the second property of the ring is that of healing, not necessarily the physical lesions and trouble, but to re-establish certain energetic functions accidentally disturbed and suppress their subsequent effects.

Intuition: the third property is the most mysterious;  The one who wears the ring becomes sensitive to certain communications that he/she would never have been aware of . It increases one’s intuition, and ability to connect with his/her higher self and spirit guides.

One of the famous people who were convinced about the protective properties of the Atlantis Ring was the British archeologist Howard Carter who felt that because he wore the ring he survived other participants of the expedition investigating the grave of Tutankhamun.





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