Atlantis Bracelet for Protection

$ 325.00

  • Solid Sterling Silver .925
  • Bright silver finish.
  • Measures approximately 64 mm in diameter and 48 mm in height.
  • Perfect Sacred Geometry proportions, designed to be accurate to the millimeter.
  • 10 mm wide, fits most average size wrists.
  • Width: 14 mm wide at the top and 7 mm wide at the ends.
  • Thickness: 4mm at the design portion and 3 mm around.
  • Fits small and medium wrist sizes.
  • Unisex, this cuff bracelet looks amazing on both men and women.

The Atlantis bracelet was Marcia’s creation based on the famous Atlantis ring that she has crafted and sold all over the world for many years. It has the perfect resonance with the original Atlantis ring design and the powerful energies of the golden proportions of the golden mean.

Used to enhance protection of one’s energy field, for energy healing and to connect with higher sources of mystical information through an empowered intuition.

You can read the entire story of the Atlantis ring here.

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