Jewelry designer Marcia Cormel

Marcia Cormel makes jewelry that is meaningful, vibrant and timeless.
Each piece has its own story and represents a certain theme or empowers an emotion.

Trained at the Montreal Jewellery School and self-taught in many jewelry making techniques, Marcia has an endless fascination with learning and experimenting.
Her eclectic jewelry designs include several artistic approaches from Metalworking and Wire Weaving to 3D CAD Design.

Her interest in Metaphysics, Science and Sacred Geometry is strongly present in her work, so her designs are often enriched with symbols and interesting references to those themes.

Along with her signature collections, Marcia specializes in custom jewelry and engagement and wedding rings.

From her Montreal studio, she crafts each piece focussing on originality, meaning and quality.
Her creations are meant to endure, adorn and attract a lifetime of positive energy and compliments.